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Surface Finish

Surface Finishes




No. 1

The result of this finish is a dull, slightly rough surface, which is suitable for applications which generally involve the range of plate thickness. No. 1 finish involves the plate being hot rolled, annealed, pickled, and then passivated.

Cold rolling materials, industrial tanks, and industrial chemical devices

No. 2D

Produced by cold rolling to a specified thickness, and then annealed and descaled. Produces a dull finish that is the result of the descaling or pickling. This dull finish is favorable for applications that involve deep drawing because it retains lubricants very well.

General uses for deep drawing.

No. 2B

No. 2B is the type that had skin-pass (temper-rolling) performed on No.2D. It has better gloss and surface flatness compared to No.2D. It is the standard surface class with improved mechanical properties. 

General application.

N0. 4

This is a ground unidirectional finish obtained with 150 grit abrasive. It is not highly reflective, but is a good general purpose finish on components which will suffer from fairly rough handling in service.

Restaurant equipment, kitchen equipment, shop fronts and dairy equipment.

No. 8

No. 8 finish, the most reflective finish that is commonly produced on sheet, is obtained by polishing with successively finer abrasives and buffing extensively with very fine buffing rouges. The surface is essentially free of grit lines from preliminary grinding operations.

Architectural parts, small mirrors and reflectors and for press plates.

BA  (Bright Annealed)

A Bright Annealed (BA) finish, this bright, highly reflective finish is produced by annealing in a controlled atmosphere furnace. This prevents any scaling or oxidation that would occur during annealing. As the material is rolled to thinner and thinner sizes, the smoothness and reflective qualities improve.

Typical uses include appliance trim, architectural components, cookware, food processing equipment.

HL  (Hair Line)

This finish is obtained by continuous linear polishing. It produces a soft finish which is effective in dissipating glare.

Most suitable for architectural purpose, vehicles, show cases, etc.