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  • Largest Manufacturer
    In East Malaysia
  • Huge Range of
    Stainless Steel Products
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Control
  • Strictly Adhered
    Industries International Standard

Looking for a high quality stainless steel for your project?

Solid & Durable
Quality & Affordable
Perfectly Equal

Shunto Steel Industries Sdn Bhd (SHUNTO) was established in Jun 1997, is the largest stainless steel manufacturer in East Malaysia specialized in producing international quality stainless steel pipe and tube, round and flat bars, plates and sheets and many more. From humble beginning where the business was started with one manufacturing plant only produce stainless steel pipe and tube.


Quality Steel

Premium quality products with the highest level.

Quality Plan

Comply to ISO 9001 & other product standard, deliver high value of products that meet customers' requirement.

International standard

Industry international standard – AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute)

Industry Leader

Produces huge range of stainless steel products in East Malaysia.